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Maltty Balga for Retail , Hotel , Restaurant & Catering

Maltty Balga offers a wide range of product (Disposable / Plastic ) for use in hotels, restaurants and fast-food outlets. We also sales our product with small package in Retail store under brand River , Happy Party , Party-Party . All the Maltty Balga Restaurant & Catering range is designed and manufactured for professional use and they meet our customer’s most stringent demands.

Mica Plastic Plate and Bowl  , Styrofoam Plate and Bowl , Plastic fork and spoon , Chinese Spoon , variety of Straw , ziploc plastik , plastic shopping bags , thrash bag , food container for microwave use , paper cup hot/cold with lid , paper lunch product and dollies papper.

in Bahasa

  • Piring dan Mangkok dr Plastik Mika dan Styrofoam
  •  Sendok/ Garpu Plastik , Sendok Bebek dan Sedotan
  • Klip Plastik, Plastik Kresek dan Plastik Sampah
  • Food Container untuk microwave , round , Square , bowl etc
  • Paper cup hot/ cold with lid , Paper lunch product , Paper Plate
  • Dollies Paper

Perusahaan kami adalah sebuah perusahaan distributor dan agen untuk bidang kitchenware, packaging box, safety supplies yg digunakan untuk perusahan catering , hotel dan rumah sakit, Berpengalaman menyuplai perusahaan katering internasional untuk pertambangan.
Produk yg kami jual seperti :
1. JUAL Barang Pacakaging dari Plastik dan Styrofoam, kotak kue, piring, mangkuk, sendok, garpu
2. JUAL Dinner Set ,Barang kitchen ware (piring, gelas, mangkok, wine glass, sendok besi dari merek2 Sango, Luminarc, Kedaung, Superdoll), dinner set dan tea set untuk restoran dan parcell

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